Del. Deliverable name Dissem. level Delivery (month)
D1.1 Application domain requirements
PU 3
D1.2 System architecture (release 1)
PU 6
D1.3 System architecture (release 2) PU 24
D1.4 Runtime system quality assurance CO 33
D2.1 Runtime system (release 1) CO 12
D2.2 Runtime system (release 2) CO 24
D2.3 Report on the Runtime system (public version) PU 24
D3.1 Simulation system (release 1) CO 18
D3.2 Simulation system (release 2) CO 30
D3.3 Report on the Simulation system (public version) PU 30
D4.1 Test vehicles CO 18
D4.2 Test sites CO 18
D4.3 Cloud environment CO 18
D5.1 Test plans, methods and metrics CO 18
D5.2 Test methods and metrics (public version) PU 24
D5.3 Evolved agent PU 30
D5.4 System abilities CO 36
D5.5 System abilities (open data) PU 36

Dissemination & communication plan

Download Executive Summary

CO 3

Dissemination & communication materials: brochures, leaflets, poster, press releases, social media

Download Deliverable

Download Project Brochure

PU 6
D6.3 Project website PU 3
D6.4 Project workshops PU 24
D6.5 Final event PU 36
D6.6 Exploitation plans and contribution to standards (release 1) CO 18
D6.7 Exploitation plans and contribution to standards (release 2) CO 36
D7.1 Project Periodic Report (twice a year) CO 6
D7.2 Final report CO 36
D7.3 Final report (public summary) PU 36

Quality Plan and Project Handbook

Download Executive Summary

CO 3
D7.5 Data Management Plan (initial release) CO 6
D7.6 Data Management Plan (update) CO 18
D7.7 Data Management Plan (final) CO 36
D8.1 Ethics Requirements CO 12

Communication is different from Dissemination. In Horizon 2020 each project is obliged to undertake communication activities in addition to dissemination. The core of communication is to translate the scientific content of research projects into a language and key messages that are understood by target groups beyond the scientific community. The strategic planning of communication is in progress. Further details on communication activities will published here.


Publications and presentations

ERF2017 - European Robotics Forum, 22-24th March 2017, Edinburg, UK

Dreams4Cars will contribute a presentation. The slides will be made available here.

ITSC 2017 - IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems, 11-14th June Redondo Beach, USA

Dreams4Cars is organising the workshop “Cognitively Inspired Intelligent Vehicles” as part of Conference ITSC 2017. The materials of the workshop will be made available right after the event.

AdaptiVe Project Final event, 28th June 2017, Aachen, DE

Dreams4Cars will hold a presentation at this event. The presentation will be made available here.


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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731593.